-Welcome to Stand Alone Roleplays-

Our servers Category that caters to the needs of every creator and Role-player alike. Here any and all role-plays are welcome. From Group to OneXOne. We just ask that a few category rules and ALL server wide rules be followed in return.

Channel Manager is boss!

Think of your Channel manager or CM for short as your Game Master or Dungeon Master. They set the tone and rules for the Role-plays they run. Their rule is “law.” So please follow your CMs’ directions, and CMs please do not abuse this power.

Channel Managers Guide Book:

Everything a Channel Manager should consider before starting their new or next Role-play channel!

Step 1 - Type and style of posts:

If you are looking for specific types of post. Be it in size of post, or point of view, and/or tense. You need to decide that from the start.

Also if you want people to write their post a certain way to determine what are actions, speech, and thought. That way you can write it in your thread rules.

Here are server terms for post styles:

One-liner: One line or less across the screen of a computer.

Several lines: Several lines across the screen of a computer.

Semi para: Paragraph form, but usually only one paragraph or just under.

Para/ multi para: Paragraph form, 2 or more paragraphs.

Literate: You write pages of text and plan out the story.

Step 2 - Posting Etiquette:

Do you want people to just post in any order... Or should everyone only post once until everyone has posted? These are things as the CM you need to decide.

Step 3 - Characters:

What type of characters are you looking for? Are there restrictions? Do you want Character Bios? If yes, then what do you want included in the Bio?

Step 4 - Role-play Genre and type:

Please consider what genre/s your role-play falls into. That way in the channel description you can list them, and help role-players find the Role-plays that fit their wants.

(Examples would be things like: Fantasy, Syfy, Modern, Medieval, Space, Steampunk. Mage punk. Horror. ETC)

Also consider the type of Role-play, and please list it as well in the channel description.

There are two server classifications for role-play types:

Type: Refers to the structure of the Role-play

Casual: Usually no story plot or ark in place. If there is, it’s very loose and free flowing

Structured: Story plot and/or Ark/s in the Role-play. Its expected to be followed.

Setting types: Refer to if the setting changes or not

Static: The Role-play takes place in one setting. This can be as small as a bar or as big as a town/city.

Dynamic: The Role-play’s setting will change during its lifetime. EX: Starts of in Town A, travels to Town B, ends in town C.

Step 5 - Putting it all into a google doc:

YAY! It’s finally time to sit down and actually write out the Role-play. Aside from putting the above information somewhere in the google doc. You should also consider the following:

Plot and/ or back story: Write at least a paragraph about what the role-play is about. You don’t have to give away those juice spoilers. Just enough to grab people’s attention, and to give them an idea as to what the role-play will be about.

Setting: Write at least a paragraph describing what the area looks like. If that is the world as a whole, a town the Role-play starts in. or a single room. Let your players know what the world around their characters looks like.

Step 6: Channel Requesting and Starting the Role-play:

Once you have the above five steps done it’s time to Ping a member of staff in the OOC and brain storming channel Let them know you'd like to start a new Roleplay and you need them to create the channel. ( please make sure you give them a title for the channel, and the information you want in the channel description area )

At their earliest convenient moment, the staff will create your channel, and then the channel will follow standard channel management.

From this moment on, until the role-play dies it’s yours ( the CM ) job to maintain it.

This means, once it goes live you need to:

  1. Make your first IC post.
  2. Mention those who plan to Role-play in it, or you think would be interested in joining.
  3. Keeping your role-plays active and engaged in your role-play.

Channel Management:

Channel management will be handled by Role-play staff!

Given the limited permission settings on discord. We are not able to allow each person to control their own channels. Since we do not what people to have the abilities to delete others posts or channels as a whole.

IF you need something pinned, or changed on the channel.

Please Mention a staff member in the thread, and tell them what you need. Or private message them.

All channels will follow the same protocol:

  • For a new Roleplay to start at least 1 other person needs to be interested in it.
  • 14 days pass with no posts then the channel is considered dead, and will be moved to the archives.
  • archived channels stay on the server for 3 months, during those three months you may petition for it to be reopened.