-Welcome to Sanctuary Verse-

Hello and welcome to our casual “little” multiverse.

If you could just hang tight for a moment, there are some small details we’d like to go over with you before you start your adventure. WE’d hate for you to make a wrong turn and end up in a man eating forest, or dungeon of doom.

We promise this will only take a few moments of your time, so please read over the following document. Then we will approve you to start your Journey

Thank you so much

The management. ^__^

-The Multi-Verse-

Sanctuary Verse, is what you’d consider a multi-universe Role-playing “world”. Most role-plays will take place on the planet of Sanctuary. Which is for the most part is an undefine world that changes and fluxes depending on what the Citizens needs are. (These citizens are you guys - the role-players)

Other realms/worlds/universes are also attached to Sanctuary in various different ways. To keep things open and free flowing. Below is a list of active places and details of the multi- verse:

Sanctuary Universe - Explained!

The universe we’re Role-playing in is called Sanctuary. This is the current name of the main planet most of the Role-plays take place in, but also an all encompassing name for the universes and realms attached to the world.

(these universes and realms can be attached to the planet in various different ways. It can be as simple as a doorway, or portal)

Current Role-plays in the universe are:

Wolf Den:

Casual-usually Static RP. Jumps for Character Building, to strong story Arc Role-play

Home and sacred grounds to the Wolf Pack. Surrounded by both a natural defense of mountains and a magical one. Those who would cause the pack or any of its members harm usually can not gain entrance. Usually always plays a heavy role in building up story arcs and plots in the universe. (This RP is Limited to Wolf Pack Members Only, Or those they invite to join)

Wolf Pack Inn and Cafe:

Simple, Casual-Static Role-play. Ran and owned by the Wolf Pack.

Used to build upon character growth, bonds, and interactions/ history. Great place to introduce Non-Wolf Pack characters into the fray of the Pack.

MoonDance Club:

Casual: Static - Personal Story Arc Driven RP. (Bad Guy heavy - Possible NSFW)

Located In a large city of Sanctuary, with access to the subway train system. Is a multi level club that acts as a safe haven to criminals and creatures.

Other Universe details.


The Wolf Pack: The unsung heroes and Guardians of the planet. In the Scheme of things The wolf Pack would be your good guys. They are not all wolves. And you do not have to be a wolf, to play a wolf pack character. (Yes you’ll have to RP your entrance into being a member of the pack)

The Bad Guys: Usually Played by the Role Play Team ( Staff ) But not limited to it. The Bad guys, are well like any bad guys in any other story. They all seem to hang out together, but have different motives. All in ALl,.. they can all agree on something and that is gathering Crystal Shards.


Hidden all over Sanctuary there are Ancient marble doorways. Some are still very much intact while others are not. There is no telling where each one leads too. 6 lead to doorways that hold keys that are needed to unlock the doorway to Olympia which is located in the center of the largest continent.

The Void:

Laying underneath the many realms of Sanctuary and beyond is a dark area known as the void. The void is known as different things throughout the realms, but in short it is the collection of every version of hell rolled into one and multiplied. It is generally hard to gain access to the void, however there are stories of devices that can open gates to it, though if handled improperly, the gates can turn into unclosable rifts. Most creatures that escape the void are also able to open portals that close once they will them to do so. The issue is that those portals typically lead to a random area inside the void. There is also a legend of beings that are able to open portals into the void to any location they have visited before at will. These beings are known as void walkers, and there is only one per generation. Within the void itself, there are many sections where the creature and horrors inside will vary. These creatures are what many realms refer to as demons or monsters.

Access to the Void:


Axion is this generation’s Void Walker. Due to being the Void Walker, Axion can open portals directly to the Void to any area he has visited just by thinking about it. The portals created by Axion are completely stable, meaning that they close only when he wills them to close. As an added perk, the Void Walker is able to close rifts and other portals to the Void at will although it causes strain on his body.


Fiora is a Void Neko (specifically a cheetah) who can open portals and travel into the Void. Unlike the Void Walker’s portals, Fiora’s are highly unstable and can close at any moment. The portals that the Neko can create will take anyone that passes through it into the Void, though the location will always be random. Fiora is unable to close any rifts to the Void as she lacks a significant connection to the energies of the Void.

Tech Crystals:

Universe Crystal:

Large Epic Crystal housed inside the Realm of Olympia. It's the magic source that created Sanctuary and allows all the various Realms and Universes to be connected. From years of neglect without a guardian to protect and maintain it. The Universe Crystal Had begun to crack. During the Events of ( Insert RP title here ) Cass, ( Insert Other Bad guys name here ) Destroyed the crystal.

Crystal Shards:

Pieces of the Universe Crystal, that can amplify a users abilities many times over. If enough of them are collected a new Realm or Mini Universe can be created as well.

Dead Minerals and dust:

Crystal like rocks of various different shapes, sizes, and colors. These are minerals deposited onto the Planet of Sanctuary from Realms and worlds that have died.

When a realm or a world dies off in the universe as a whole, The Universe crystal sheds it to make room for the birth of new realms and/or worlds.

As it is shed it appears in/on Sanctuary.There hasn't been enough research on the Dead minerals to give firm details on what they can do.

They are typically ground into what is known as dust. A magical powder substance used in medical and arms tech.The powder bestows some form and level of magic into whenever it is infused.

Time fluctuators:

Dark purple stones with a swirl of gold within them. They come in three types. With no known thing to tell them upon.

Level 1: When touched you're spirited away to the past to watch a scene unfold before you, unable to interact at any given time. Once the scene is done, you are brought back to your own time. (they can be achieved and visit time and time again)

Level 2: These stones affect the environment around them.They will cause an area around them to be stuck in another period of time. This means plants or animals still alive in that time period, will be alive in the sphere of influence of that Time Stone. People and creatures from the present time period can wonder in and out of the sphere freely. But the past can not wander into the present freely.

Level 3: Super Rare, and dangerous.

Level three time crystals allow an owner to use them to jump through time anywhere, and at any time. They have complete access to change and affect anything in the past or future as they see fit.

This is only in theory since a single stone with this power has never been found.

Sanctuary Planet LandMarks

Central - Biggest metropolitan area on the planet. It’s called Central because it’s located in the center of the largest known continent on the planet as of right now. Moondance club is located in Central.

Mist Mountain Range: Located on the same continent as Central. It covers the very top of the continent. The Wolf Pack’s Den is located in its heart. And the WOlf Pack Inn and Cafe are located in the foothills to the south.

Historical things

The Foundation:

All you really need to know, is they are bad guys. They use any means necessary to get what they want.

If this is to further science, magic, or their organization's own power. It's all the same to them.

They are formidable, and will always find a way to break any lock, or barrier that tries to keep them at bay.

They are the reason Nero was pulled from the Void, and why Cass was turned Evil.

If there is something sinister going on, they have some part to play in it.

(Later defeated by the new group of Bad guys - Remainates of Foundation still lurk in the shadows. But they are no longer an actual organization)

Axiom and The Fragments:

Axiom was the original Guardian of Sanctuary and the Universe Crystal.

Due to fear, his heart eventually darkened and he turned against his duty and fate.

Thousands of years ago, he tried to destroy the universe by calling forth the void. He was spotted by a band of Immortals.(This being the first Journey Fire and Pope met upon, which led to their Life long friendship, and alliance between The Pack and The Immortals)

It ended with an Epic battle. The Group of Heroes ripped apart the body of Axion and threw him into the void. Which effectively closed the void, and saved all of Sanctuary.

This did not destroy Axiom, it fragmented him into several beings with wings. Scattered throughout the universe and realms of Sanctuary. They in many ways play a key role in the survival or destruction of Sanctuary.

(With the Death of Four Key Fragments, Noros an old God Ally of Axiom’s. Gather his key powers and stored them for later when the realm needed it. This Freed the rest of the Fragments from the beings Madness, and Need to become one again)

When it comes to a timeline for Sanctuary. It’s all a bit wibbly wobbly! This is why/how characters can be in more than one channel at a time. Each channel will move at its own pace. Meaning all of you will need to work out channel and individual timelines together.

This means you have to talk to each other outside of the Role-play channels. We promise this will not kill you! In fact it will make your role-play, and social experience that much better. And if anyone gives you too hard of a time. Just let a staff member know.


All Original concept characters are allowed in the Sanctuary Verse, and are allowed in any Role-play channel in the Sanctuary Verse category. They can also be played in as many Role-play channels as the player wants / can handle at any given moment.

We suggest that you take time in creating your character/s. Their history/ back story, along with character flaws. This will help create a better role-playing experience for you, and all those you role-play with.

Casual - Static Role-plays are created so everyone can play against each others’ back stories and histories. This creates a depth to the world, to character relationships, and development. It is paramount to Sanctuary verse’s development as a "world"

So with that said, Go CRAZY when creating your character/s! They can be a 200 year old vampire bear hybrid that wields the power of wind.

As long as you can make logical sense out of it. Its GAME!

-Character Groups-

Inside the world of Sanctuary you’ll find a few character groups. These being The Wolf Pack and the bad guys..

You’re Character DOES NOT have to be apart of one of these groups. You are welcome to build a character that belongs to one of these groups if you would so like. Just realize there are a few guidelines when doing so.

The Wolf Pack: The unsung heroes and Guardians of the planet. In the Scheme of things The wolf Pack would be your good guys. They are not all wolves. And you do not have to be a wolf, to play a wolf pack character.

(Yes you’ll have to RP your entrance into being a member of the pack)

The Bad Guys: Usually Played by the Role Play Team (Staff) But not limited to it. The Bad guys, are well like any bad guys in any other story. They all seem to hang out together, but have different motives. All in ALL, they can all agree on something and that is gathering Crystal Shards.

The Role-play team does ask that you work with them when creating a character and trying to fit them into the plot. At least for the first couple of characters.

-Types of Role-plays-

In Sanctuary Verse you will mainly find three types of threads. We ask that you please keep this in mind when joining or creating Role-plays for the section.

Town square: Role-play ran by the Role-play staff. Consider this not only like a hub Role-play for the realm, but also an event hub. Where we bring ALL the Characters of the multi-verse to interact in weird casual fun.Always check the pinned posts for details

Location: Many of the threads located in Sanctuary Verse will be places, like inns, bars, store fronts and the like. They will normally be casual static role-plays used to develop your characters, and their relationships with others. You can also use them to play out back stories and the like.

Quests: These types of threads will be story driven Role-plays. Their settings will more than likely be dynamic so you’ll need to read the pinned posts to keep up with any changes. These threads can be for Cannon progression or Personal Character driven.

And that wraps up all the little details you need to know to understand how the section works. We hope that you enjoy our Original Concept world, and grow to love it just as much as we do. So here is to happy story building!

Please remember to check out our Universal Rules that apply to all RP's.