The Mansion

Welcome to The Wolf Pack Mansion This mansion belongs to Spike and has served as a base of operations on Sanctuary for some time now. It was decided to open the place up to the Wolf Pack after talking with Claw and spending some time with some of his friends. The mansion is far enough away from civilization to not be bothered by outsiders but close enough to still go into the city. The mansion is stocked weekly by a trained staff with supplies from town and the farms on the east side of building. The staff can help with anything anyone would need and will get any item a member request. The bottom floor consist of game rooms, a music area, living rooms, a dining area and a fully stocked kitchen. A private library stock with many different kinds of books and a large office that Spike uses to work. There is also a pool and sauna with a lounging area for those who want to sit outside. There is even a training grounds in a separate building on the west side of the building. there you can practice your hand to hand skills, fire a few rounds at the gun range or even work out. Finally there are a few secrets that can be found. Maybe you will find one?

I will leave it up to anyone who joins the rp to decorate there room the way they want it. It is your personal space after all