The God War

Three years ago, earth was invaded. Two factions began a war that caught humanity between a rock and a hard place. The two armies invaded via what can only be explained as an inter-dimensional portal. These portals opened up in countless areas all around the world as they brought armies of monstrosities with them.

Cities crumbled, armies folded, and the sky was stained black by smoke. Contemporary military and most magic served no use as anyone that tried to insert themselves into one of the many battles were swept aside like small children or taken back through the portals of which the invaders came only to never be seen again.

Humanity was routed and forced into hiding as their numbers dwindled and they were pushed from population centres. Small communities of some of the most powerful beings in the universe were forced to flee from the intensity of the fighting and form their own communities.

Human remnants of military, mages, packs of demi-humans, all surviving entities in the Americas were called to a meeting somewhere in the western mountains of California in order to try and deal with the new threat to this world.