Hot Springs and Spa

Sanctuary's Hot Spring and Spa, was located far to the west, northwest in the Mist mountain range. An area where the ancient volcano still produced plenty of thermal activity. Nestled in a particularly wide and shallow valley, between the old, now rounded mountain slopes was this hidden gem.

Stairs carved into the mountainside from long ago spiraled up to the veranda of the establishment. The rich wood and shoji walls had been taken good care of over the years and were a beautiful contrast to the rock and moss of the mountainside.

Like all traditional Japanese buildings, there was a genkan for all guest to leave their shoes before they entered the building through the sliding fusama doors. Right inside semi near the irori was the receptionist desk where an employee would give you a room and explain the layout of the establishment.
At the center, there was a courtyard with a beautiful Japanese garden where everyone would dine on healthy rich foods. The tablets sat low with tatami mats and pillows for everyone to sit upon.

All around the perimeter were the guest rooms, they were simple, clean and elegant. The maids would service and set them up with tatami floors and futons for the guests to rest on.

Towards the back were the accesses to the actual bathhouses. There were two changing areas, one for females the other for males. Inside were all the things a person needed to ready themselves for a soak or get ready for the day. Each existed to a co-ed bath (this will be an adult RP in Adult Content ), and to their own genders respectively.

The baths were carved into the rock of the mountain, the construction disturbed as little of the environment as possible. There were walkways around each soak area, aside from where the tall bamboo fences divided them.