South Central's Medical Center

At the heart of Sanctuary was the world renown city of Central, a bustling metropolitan area always on the breaking edge of practically everything. This, of course, included the medical field, and at its core was The White Orchid Medical Group. Form by some of the leading doctors in various fields, their hospital had the means, and the understanding to treat every known race and sub-race that inhabited the Sanctuary Realms.

With a motto to always be inspired and focus on better ways to treat the patient, the medical group constantly funded research. This eventually turned into specialized medical centers. Places where their best and brightest doctors could focus and research to develop better treatment plans. Much like a doctors practice, these facilities would have patients and research labs alike.

Their newest one opened just on the outskirts of the city, where the landscape started to look more like residential suburbia.

Anyone who was familiar with the medical group would immediately recognize the fact that this new building was part of their empire so to speak. It was the classic stark white like the hospital, pristine even in how it glowed in the sunlight. It was three stories tall, at least that could be seen. The roof flat, like most hospitals. It, of course, had the overhang area by the front door. The entrance way all done in tinted class, with large doors that would open automatically.

You'd be greeted by a large room, with an oval help desk. The floor and walls the same almost eerie perfect white. There would be a black rug with the famous silver tree emblem of the medial group. The same symbol hung above the help desk. Beyond that were examination rooms, labs, and patient rooms. It all seems fairly normal and typical.

The problem came to be with who the head Doctor of this research facility was. Dr. Zera, a newish doctor to the area, a Dryad at that who focused on holistic medicine. Her nature and knowledge of plants had brought on several cures. Included her prized accomplishment with a very special patient.

That is a story for another time.....

For now, The White Orchid Medical Center has just opened their newest research facility. A placed dedicated to a more,.. holistic touch. Doctor Zera at for front, with a team of medical professionals at her fingertips, and tons of patients to perfect the methods. This is that story,.... The story of what happens between the walls at South Central's Medical Center.