Wolf Pack Inn and Cafe

Down, south of the Mist Mountains, out in the plains beyond the reach of the mountain's foothills and before the forest of time was a lone building. It was a fairly large structure, as it reached three stories tall, which did not include the attic. The core of the building was pretty much a box, each floor was a 2000 sq ft square.

The structure itself was an old Victorian style building painted lavender, with dark gray, sharply slanted roofs. Wrapped around the whole of the building was a gorgeous covered porch with all the columns and banisters painted white. It was outlined nicely be a bountiful flower garden of lilies and roses. A simple stone path led the way up to the porch and to the front doors.

The Entrance way was the traditional spire structure seen on Victorian buildings. The pair of front doors depicted a scene of a pack of wolves as they howled up at a full moon in a beautiful stain glass art piece. It was split evenly between each door where they met.

The spire area houses the receptionist desk, and the stairs which lead to the two floors above, and the attic. There was only one other direction to go aside from the stairs, and that was to the left.

Opened by a large semi arched entrance way, the first floor of the building was the cafe. The flooring was a light blonde wood and the walls were a base of copper color, that had a soft shimmer of gold. It gave the room a very warm, and cozy feel.

The drapes over the windows were bright blues and indigos to give a pop of color. All the furniture from tables, chairs, sofas, and everything else none of it matched. There were old, antique pieces, mixed in with modern ones. Books shelves dotted the walls, filled with books and games. All the tables had vases filled with fresh flowers.

Around the corner of the room, about half way of the depth of the house was the bar. It was a solid dark oak bar, which lined almost the whole of the wall that separated the kitchen from the main floor. It was ornate with wolves carved into the front of it, and under the glass of its top.

The wall behind it was lined with bottles of liquor. Some well known, other bottles unusual and otherworldly. There was a mirror panel behind all of it.

To both the right and the left were wooden swivel doors, with the classic circular window near the top to look through before it was open either direction. Beyond those doors was a fully stocked, high-end kitchen. With a large walk in fridge and freezer combo, along with a pantry. Plenty of stainless steel work tables, and gas ranges and grills. And of course, a high-end dishwasher!

The two other floors were laid out like hotel floors. A single hallway that led off the stairway. Each floor had 12 rooms, and each room had its own bathroom. Each room was plain, same wood floors as the cafe, but the wall white and no furniture.
When the Pack purchased the building, a little magic was spun. The rooms would decor once someone stepped inside. They would reflect just what that person wanted.

The attic was a makeshift den for the pack. It was separated into a few rooms and one large common area. Infused with the same magic as the bedrooms below, the area looked different each time the pack enters it. Though none of the items they left inside ever disappeared or moved.