Town Square

Located in the historical district of Central City, it's like a page was taken out of a history book. The Old main street wrapped around a large grassy knoll now covered in a thick blanket of Snow. Large old trees dot the area now barren of their leaves, their dark bark a great contrast against the white scenery. The old red style picnic tables stood out like sore thumbs in the sea of snow. At the center was a large gazebo where festival announcements were made, and other such events happened, ( Like bands playing and weddings and the like).

Directly on the other side of the entrance to this place is the old town Hall. No longer used for such, but still rented out when needed.
Around the perimeter of the grassy knoll are little shops and restaurants. Most of them are specialty shops, to name a few places off. There is of course an antic shop, a store the sell all sorts of kinds of candies and Soda Pop. there is even an old fashioned ice cream parlor. To say the least Town Square is a quaint little place, where all the old annual events from way back when are held.