An image of a purple mountinscape with moon and stars in the skye with the words Welcome to the Wolf Pack in the right hand corner.
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Wolf Pack Role-Play - You should be Creating!

If you traced our roots all the way back to the very beginning, you would find a simple little role-play called The Wolf Den. Which still lives on to this day!

Role-playing is built into the very fabric of our existence. It was our start, it is our present and it will be a huge part of our future. So much so the Pack has two separate categories dedicated to role-playing on their discord server.

A role-playing category where all the role-plays are located in the same multi-verse and people play the same characters in all the various channels. Anything is possible in Sanctuary verse as long as it can be explained by logic. There is an ongoing cannon for the category with various story arks, bad guys, and events.

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