-Over All Role-Play Rules-

No Text Talk:

Please, PLEASE! Type your words out completely. NO U for YOU. Or any of that kind of stuff. This is writing, so please use those skills. (The only time this rule is void, Is if you are talking about an actual Text message in RP, or if your character just happens to think in broken language.)

NO GodModding - Godmodding can be a few different things:

1. When your characters Acts like a God, as in nothing hurts or harms them. When they are too overpowering.

2. Controlling another person’s character/s without their permission.

(The Only time when GodModding is Ok, If it is approved by the CM and/or other parties involved)

No Metagaming:

Metagaming is when your Character using Out of character information while in character during the Role-Play.

e.g. You Read “bob’s” Character Bio, So you know that Bob’s character has the ability to make it rain. Your character has no way of knowing this but you use this information anyways.

NSFW material:

This material is not allowed on our server period. Anything beyond PG-13 need to "Fade to Black

Inactive Players:

In the Event your thread experiences inactive Players of 7 full days or more since their last post. THe CM is allowed to control their character, or events surrounding their character to keep the role-play going.

We do ask that you please mention the inactive player on the seventh day, and give them a chance to respond before this is done.

Posting Etiquette:

The server has no standard way on how we ask everyone to post. By default that means you may post in any style you choose unless otherwise specified by the CM. You MUST follow a CM’s prefered style of posting if they place it in their Channel Rules.

Server standards we do ask to keep across all role-plays. We do ask that you leave (( )) for quick OOC comments! Also to please Mention with the @andtheusersname to let person know you made a post.

Rule Breakers

If you find yourself to be a rule breaker. Standard discipline will be used to deal with you. Please refer to Server Rules for more details.