Get to Know Cookie

Hello one and all! Welcome to the next installment of our Get to Know series. Today you all get to meet and learn about our very own Cookie. The Only Pack cub on the server, who is also the hellion of our Community Admin Ace. They are very dear and important to us. So give it a read, and learn what makes Cookie so special.

Question: Soooo, what color do you feel like today?

Radiomutt: Fire-Red because of Murphy's law.

Question: If you could be anything in the world (species, profession, etc) what would you be and why?

Radiomutt: I would be a genet because they're so curious and unique. They're super cute and fluffy too.

Question: If you could have one super power what would it be?

Radiomutt: If I had a superpower, it'd probably be astral projection.

Question: will you play roblox with me

Radiomutt: No, I'm not at home. I'll be back from contest at 6.

Question: Would you be happy if I was your real mother?

Radiomutt: Yes as long as I can summon my friends

Question: Favorite food?

Radiomutt: Chef salad.

Question: Favorite dessert?

Radiomutt: Any types of yogurt parfaits (is that considered a dessert?)

Question: Cookie this is incredibly important. Is your pfp tom holland?

Radiomutt: That's a super important question.
Heck yes it is.

Question: chinchilla or polar bear?

Radiomutt: Are you asking if I like you or Spike better?
But polar bears

Question: Cats or dragons?

Radiomutt: I would choose dragons over anything or anyone
Dragons are beautiful

Question: Do you like and/or approve of pants?

Radiomutt: I highly dislike pants
vote cookie for president 2020 for no-pants laws

Question: Do you have a favourite beverage?

Radiomutt: Am smol bean. wotor

Question: If you had to be locked in a tv show, movie, book, anime or manga and life your life out in it, what would it be?

Radiomutt: Supernatural, cause that would give me a more reasonable explanation to tell aly as to why I insist I need dan's guns
And also because I wanna hunt monsters and have angel friends and be best buddies with the king of hell.

Question: What color would your pet dragon be?

Radiomutt: Black and red

Question: Top 3 bucket list items?

1. panic at the disco concert
2. panic at the disco concert
3. panic at the disco concert

Question: You watch anime? And Why did you steal Tommy from me?

Radiomutt: Yes and because he's my baby

Question: Also what's your fav anime?

Radiomutt: RWBY

Question: r u hooman?

Radiomutt: No I'm a demon.

Question: r u sure about dat Is yuu good demon?

Radiomutt: I don't know how to answer that question. Maybe?

There you have it folks. The good, the amazing, and the strange info on our member Cookie! Hope you all enjoyed this addition, stay tuned for next weeks GET TO KNOW The Wolf Pack Clan.