Get to Know Spike

It’s that time again, and for this week’s addition you get to meet our very own Spike. The one, the only, Polar Bear God of the Wolf Pack. When he isn’t spending his time eating steak at his shrine, or locked up in his snow globe. Spike is our very talented Role-play admin. So without further delay, here is his Get to Know interview.

Question: So what color do you feel like today?

Spike: Orange. It's bright and in a good mood. Even though I hate the hospital I'm still cheerful and in a good mood

Question: Iif you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Spike: Invulnerability

Question: What’s your favorite mythical creature?

Spike: Sphinx

Question: Favorite Weapon?

Spike: Guns

Question: Absolutely favorite Food?

Spike: Steak

Question: Favorite Dessert?

Spike: Upside down pineapple cake

Firewolf: What got you into Roleplaying?

Spike: In 8th grade I was told about a forum for Anime, games and rp from a friend in school. I joined and found a really awesome group of ppl named Joker, Bee, Enchantress, Coding, Jacy, LKG, and finally Zombie. They tutored me on rping since I had no clue what is was and I ran with it.

Question: Chinchilla or lemur?

Spike: Chinchilla

Question: How do you like your coffee?

Spike: Incinerated with a flamethrower I hate coffee!

Question: All knowing but unable to do anything about things or know nothing but able to act on things?

Spike: Definitely know nothing and able to act on things. Knowing everything and not being able to act is a curse

Question: Vanilla or chocolate?

Spike: Chocolate, Dark chocolate, I love dark chocolate

Question: Favorite dog breed?

Spike: Chinese Shar-Pei, Loves those wrinkles

Question: Favorite cat coat/breed?

Spike: Not a fan of cats and I am uneducated in breeds or coats of cats

Question: Dream Vacation spot?

Spike: Honestly the spot could be anywhere. It's more so who I am with. As long as I'm with my friends. That's all that matters.

Question: Favorite Genre to RP in?

Spike: I guess you could call it Modern Fantasy.

Question: Favorite snack?...

Spike: Favorite snack is probably beef jerky since it's my go to snack.
I'm also really fond of puppy chow and chocolate covered pretzels

Question: If you could lock yourself in a book, anime, movies, etc, what would it be?

Spike: Any book by Raymond E Feist that takes place in Midkemia. I believe the book series is referred to as The Rift War Cycle. It's an amazing fantasy universe with amazing characters.

For anyone interested the first two books are called Magician Apprentice and Magician Master

Question: Favorite Season

Spike: Fall

Question: Favorite thing about Fall?

Spike: The different colors of leaves on the trees
They different colors make the trees look beautiful we get a really good mix of green, yellow, brown, red, and orange tree colors in the woods behind the house. It's beautiful.

Question: Song that currently speaks to you the most?

Spike: I don't really look into the meaning behind the lyrics of music. So they do not really speak to me nor do I feel like a song is describing my life or anything like that.

I actually prefer a lot of music without lyrics.

Question: Do you have a favorite piece then?

Spike: No not really I can not think of anything that really jumps out at me or that I have to listen to.

Question: If you could rid the universe of one inanimate thing, what would it be?

Spike: Hmm Legos maybe. They hurt when you step on them.

Question: Do you believe in Aliens

Spike: No but I do believe in ghosts and spirits. Is that weird?
That I believe in one and not the other?
I just always found it odd when I see something on aliens on the TV they are always close to a military base.
So I have always believed it's something the military is doing

Question: Why do you like pickles so much?

Spike: Because they taste divine

Quetion: So what inspires your writing

Spike: Sorry for the late response I napped. Other rpers inspire me to write. I loved going back and reading an old post from Jacy back in the day. They get the juices flowing and make me wanna rp

Question: Favorite breakfast food?

Spike: Umm pancakes.

Question: What’s your least favorite color?

Spike: Yellow.

Question: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Spike:Umm Japan or maybe New Zealand. I hear New Zealand has some beautiful land out there

Question: Soft or hard bed

Spike: Soft, damn hard bed is what I have now and I'm convinced it's shaving years off my life

Question: soft taco or hard taco?

Spike: Hard Tacos.

Question: Cake or pie?

Spike: Cake Mmm cake.

Question: Ice cream or popsicles?

Spike: Ice cream.

Now you’ve heard it, straight from the gods mouth. This loveable, huggle polar bear is just like the rest of us. Well maybe outside of his strange love of pickled.

We hope you enjoyed this addition to the series. We will be back here next week with another article. So stay turned, and until then.
Take care, and best of luck in everything you do.