Get to Know Aoi

Hello, Hello! And welcome to this week’s Get To Know Article! Today we bring you RyuheiAoi, or as many of us just call him Aoi. A member of the pack since its days on that old Anime forum. He has been with us for a very long time, and we cherish him deeply. I’m sure after reading this interview you will understand why.

Question: What color do you feel like today Aoi?

RyuheiAoi: I feel like green.

Question: Favorite kind of food?

RyuheiAoi: That's a tough one. I'm really addicted to pozole right now, which is Mexican. But I have a particular fondness for Japanese (especially sashimi and hibachi), and Chinese (fried rice dishes, primarily, but also most chicken dishes).

Question: Do you enjoy cooking any of these dishes yourself?

RyuheiAoi: Pozole, yes. I do constantly. I wouldn't trust myself to make sashimi. And my diet doesn't really allow for fried rice.

Question: Favorite Season?

RyuheiAoi: Winter, hands down. Love the cold, because I don't get cold. Once it hits 70 out, I feel too warm.
Besides, it's so beautiful when the snow comes. Summer is so bland.

Question: If you could have one superpower, what would you have?

RyuheiAoi: Teleportation. Would be practically useful in far too many scenarios to deny it. Especially right now.

Question: Favorite genre of music?

RyuheiAoi: Music: I'm eclectic. But, typically, power metal.

Question: Some places in the world you'd like to Vacation to?

RyuheiAoi: I want to visit Scandinavia - Finland, Norway, Sweden. I want to live in Michigan, which I'm planning to move to. I want to visit Vermont and Montana. Ireland, Paris, and Hawaii are all on the list as vacation location.

Question: If you could meet one past president, living or dead, who would you choose?

RyueiAoi: This answer may shock you, because I'm ultra-liberal. But it's a toss up between George H. W. Bush and John Adams. I have a lot of respect for Bush Sr, and would like to better understand his mindset. As for Adams, the perspective on one of the founders, and particularly one that was so unpopular in his day, would be fascinating.

Question: Favorite Movie and why?

RyuheiAoi: The Greatest Showman or Les Miserables. Leaning Showman. Hugh Jackman is a wonderful actor and his musicals are great. Both movies had fantastic soundtracks, though while I love the French Revolution setting of Les Mis, Zac Efron's character in Showman was a more varied and developing character over time. As a result of these two, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, and A Star is Born, Musicals are probably my favorite genre. They are at a bare minimum, the one I am currently most fascinated by.

Question: If you had to get trapped in an anime, movies, books, etc. What would it be?

RyuheiAoi: Another question with two possible answers:

As terrifying as the Final Days would be, Karen Miller's "Innocent Mage" series of books would be one option. I feel quite represented by the main cast of characters.

The other would be Brent Week's Lightbringer series. I would love to have the ability to create magic from light. The whole concept of that universe is great. I would be a blue-green bichrome, or the Prism.

Honorable mention to Full Metal Alchemist. I'd follow Hughes or Mustang to the death.

Question: What is your fondest memory?

RyuheiAoi: Fondest memory: Fishing with my grandfather innumerable times. I enjoyed bonding with him. Only father figure I had as a child, he died when I was 12. But without using his words, those fishing trips were lessons on how to be a proper man. They are very much why I am who I am.

Mildly ironic at the most surface level, because he was hugely Republican. But when you delve into it, he taught me how to think logically, critically, and for myself. He didn't teach me what to think, but how to think and arrive at my own conclusions.

He is probably why I am so liberal (as opposed to following along the conservative vein of the adults in my family), and why I am so counter-cultured (I don't fall for the same stuff as most of the sheep that make popular culture what it is).

Question: Favorite animal?

RyuheiAoi: Alpaca. Chinchilla would be favorite pet.

Question: Favorite type of video game to play?

RyuheiAoi: Strategy games. Gotta keep the mind sharp. Can be real-time, or turn-based. Ace Combat, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars are my favorite series. Octopath Traveler on the Switch is a recent favorite

Question: What skills would you like to master?

RyuheiAoi: The ability to utilize perfect logic in all situations.
A more practical skill I'd like to master is understanding and learning foreign languages. I have a decent understanding of Spanish, but would like to become fluent in it, as well as Japanese and American Sign Language, to start.

Question: Are you ever worried that being so logic could take away from you growth emotionally?

RyuheiAoi: I've determined I am appropriately emotional. I don't always show that emotion, but it's there. With perfect logic, I could express emotions better when appropriate.

Question: What are you addicted to?

RyuheiAoi: Peppermint Bark and Pozole

Question: If you could give to any charity, what would it be and why?

RyuheiAoi: The latter. The former would drive me to insanity, whereas I have the ability to act now, and that's all that's keeping me sane in the current geo-political and constitutional crisis we have going on.

Question: Would you rather be all knowing but unable to act on anything, or know nothing be be able to make a difference?

RyuheiAoi: As for charity, I'm not entirely sure about the vast majority of them. But the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has built various public schools that give access to a better form of learning, as well as computers and tutorials for them to many thousands of students. That would currently be my choice

Question: What would your "utopia" look like? How would it differ from this world?

RyuheiAoi: Racial hatred would no longer be a thing. Such massive class disparity would not exist. You and I would be living together and would be able to do more than struggle along paycheck-to-paycheck even though we both have jobs that should be able to afford us a lifestyle that isn't unofficial poverty.

Question: What's the best halloween costume you've ever had?

RyuheiAoi: I haven't had any good ones. I went as Austin Powers once as a kid, and got mistaken for Drew Carey repeatedly. I was six. Never put effort into it after that.

Question: Ok, so which one is your favorite holiday? And why?

RyuheiAoi: Christmas. People tend to try to come together, which is encouraging. There's usually good food. Even when it doesn't go well, you usually have fun stories for the future. Gifts were nice as a kid, but there was always a certain closeness in my house at Christmas time. And the weather.

Question: Favorite pastime

RyuheiAoi: Reading. Followed by gaming.

Question: One book that you could read over and over again?

RyuheiAoi: Two:

The Innocent Mage
The Awakened Mage

By Karen Miller

Question: Is there anything in the entertainment industry ( movies, books, Video games ) that you're looking forward to this year?

RyuheiAoi: The thing I was most excited for already came. Ace Combat 7.

Question: What did you want to be when you were younger?

RyuheiAoi: Lawyer, cop, or judge.

Question: Favorite spoken word poem/poet?

RyuheiAoi: Spoken word, the couple you link me.
Favorite poem in general, The Road Not Taken, by Frost.

Question: Favorite Dessert ?

RyuheiAoi: Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream or a delicious root beer float

Question: Do you enjoy anime?

RyuheiAoi: I used to enjoy it a lot more than currently. I don't have the time to invest in random new stuff, and I hate that stuff that ends up being popular. Like Sword Art Online

Question: Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

RyuheiAoi: Eddie Redmayne

That was all they wrote. We hope you really enjoyed getting to know another dear member of our community. Hopefully you’ll join us again next week. Until then, take care and best of luck to you in everything you do. <3

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