Get to Know Tea

Do we have a treat for you this week! This addition to the Get To Know you series features our one and only Chat mum, the UK Chat Admin TeaTimeWolf.

Question: Favorite tea?

Tea: Earl Grey, cause it links to my Mutti. But then I'd say chia tea love me some spice tea.

Question: If you had one super power what would it be?

Tea: Control of fears, being able to know what people's fears are then being able to make them live them or see them.

Question: If you had to be locked into an anime, movie, book, game, etc. what would it be?

Tea: Oooh.... Erm tries to think of a universe I like but wouldn't end up killing me hum maybe fullmetal alchemist Manga and brotherhood anime, after the events of the story cause I don't wanna die XD and being able to alchemy would be cool
And I would say Kingdom hearts but I'd go insane with background music XD

Question: Favorite animal, mythical and real?

Tea: WOLF! I love canines. Hum mythical does Fenrir count? XD. But erm l go with kraken

Question: How much can you buy with some wooden nickles?

Tea: Nothing Id just be told they're no legal tender

Question: favorite color? favorite shape?

Tea: Colour Turquoise. Don't have a fave shape.

Question: What is your opinion on PANTS? Yea or Nay?

Tea: Well then pants UK very important, always wear undies I would never go commando.
Pants as in trousers, that a complicated relationship I have periods of time where I am strongly against them and will wear leggings or shorts but no trousers.

Question: What thing do you enjoy that you be perfectly ok with it become a religion?

Tea: I don't think I would be okay with anything becoming a religion. It just brings out the worst in some people.

Question: If you could rid the universe of one inanimate object, what would it be?

Tea: humm I have no idea...

Question: What would be the best suit?

Tea: Any that I can wear a waist coat with

Question: What makes a good clock?

Tea: one that have the number written on it clearly all the way round

Question: What do you love doing the most?

Tea: Being snuggled up in bed reading something good. With my pet(s) smuggled up with me

Question: What makes a good fight song?

Tea: Tea: Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Question: Favorite movie and tv show?

Tea: I have like three fav movies: live Action: Pans Labyrinth, cartoon: Road to El Dorado and anime: Summer War
TV show: anime: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Im rather fond of archer.

Question: Favorite time of year and why?

Tea: Autumn because the temp is just right for me

Question: Favorite video game?

..... And dragon age series, and persona series and FFXV

Question: Favorite song and/or artist?

Tea: Tye up between Vienna Teng and Emilie Autumn. And if I were to pick a song for both of them it was be Watershed by Teng and humm one foot infront of the other foot by Autumn

Question: Top 3 bucket list items?

Tea: Go to New zealand, Own my own home, Meet wolves in person up close

Question: Favorite Anime couple cannon or otherwise?

Tea: Izumi and Sid I love them so much

Question: Noice hmmm early bird or night owl?

Tea: Unfortunately both. I like and can stay up late, but I also can wake up very early and once I'm up I am up

Question: Favorite food to eat and favorite food to cook?

Tea: Pasta for both.

Question: Least favorite season

Tea: Summer, the day Star can go away thank you very much

Question: Least favorite food?

Tea: That's easy meat, Oh and Turkish delight it's horrid

Question: Favorite pop?

Tea: Vanilla coke zero

Question: Favorite dessert?

Tea: Hum oh profiteroles

Question: Do you like ice cream, if so, favorite flavor?

Tea: I do, I like chocolate mint. But haven't found that flavor as vegan yet. So I just eat normal ice cream for fancy flavours and get vegan vanilla and chocolate from time to time

Question: favorite veggie/vegan recipe?

Tea: I rather like the veggie pasta carbonara I make with a sauce packet. I use veggie or vegan bacon (which is expensive) and then use soya milk in making the sauce. It's very nice.
Basically just give me a meat recipe and I can make it veggie

Question: What color do you feel like today?

Tea: Aubergine

Question: Favorite setting to live in? IE urban, nature, etc.

Tea: Rural, But like England rural

And that's a wrap. We hope you enjoyed our trip across the 'pond' were you got to learn a little bit about our UK admin, the one the only Chat Mum. Tea. Hopefully now you'll all be able to see, she's much more than someone worried about the Chat vases.