An image of a purple mountinscape with moon and stars in the skye with the words Welcome to the Wolf Pack in the right hand corner.
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A Pack that Games together, Stays together!

This is something we fully believe in and support. As the pack is full of all different types of gamers, we try to accommodate everyone. With a dedicated Category for gaming on our discord server, we encourage our members to talk gaming and meet up in game.

Several members get together on regular bases to play various different games together. Some play overwatch for hours on end, while others are working on building a Starbound server.

The Pack also host a bi-weekly game night that features a wide spectrum of games. We try to offer a variety of system requirement games as well. Usually picking browser games that can even be played on mobile, to games the require a steam account.

We play tons of Jack box party games, and tabletop simulator games to mention a few.