Purple feild and stars with a moon in the middle, the text About Us on ether side of it with six black wolfs and three white wolfs howling at the moon.
Images used in this composit Designed by Freepik

A little about us!

The Wolf Pack was started as a Role-playing Clan on an Anime Forum site May of 2004. Due to some security issues on the site, there was a huge crash that summer, and the Pack didn't gain their official status until September 12th, 2004. Since then the pack has established themselves as a crew of people who consider each other family.

Their slogan - Always United, Never divided rang true. Over the last 13 years, they have worked hard to stay in contact with each other and keep the spirit of their pack alive. A Pack that anyone could be welcomed into, to gain a place to call home, and a group of people to call family. That one no one had to be alone.

Over the years the pack has grown and changed organically. Always making space for the needs and wants of its members. This has turned a once strictly Role-playing crew, into a group of mix-matched people who take part in all sorts of hobbies. The Pack Role-plays together, Games together, makes art together, and just all around enjoy each other, together.

This has also led them to travel the vast world of the world wide web. Over the years they have met out various different sites, held groups of different social media/s, and now found their home on their very own discord server. With several categories and channels that continue to grow, there is something there for everyone.

So come check us out and join our Discord! Meet our members, see how we operate and discover everything we have to offer.