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We are the wolf pack!

"Always united, Never divided."
This has been our motto for over 13 years, the backbone of our little internet group. A group whose core was to create a home for those who wandered and people to call family. Together we support one another, while we enjoy activities like role-playing We now offer a space for the worldwide internet to join us in all the fun and shenanigans. We look forward to seeing you around!

News & Updates

Get to Know Cookie

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-10-11
Hello one and all! Welcome to the next installment of our Get to Know series. Today you all get to meet and learn about our very own Cookie. The Only Pack cub on the server, who is also the hellion of our Community Admin Ace. They are very dear and important to us. So give it a read, and learn what makes Cookie so special.

Get to Know Spike

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-09-13
It’s that time again, and for this week’s addition you get to meet our very own Spike. The one, the only, Polar Bear God of the Wolf Pack. When he isn’t spending his time eating steak at his shrine, or locked up in his snow globe. Spike is our very talented Role-play admin. So without further delay, here is his Get to Know interview.

Get to Know Aoi

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-09-06
Hello, Hello! And welcome to this week’s Get To Know Article! Today we bring you RyuheiAoi, or as many of us just call him Aoi. A member of the pack since its days on that old Anime forum. He has been with us for a very long time, and we cherish him deeply. I’m sure after reading this interview you will understand why.

Get to Know Wicked

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-08-22
In our “Get to Know you!” Series, Wicked Neko is our next interviewee. These were the various questions asked during her 24hrs in the spotlight.

We hope that you find them just as entertaining as we did!

Get to Know Tea

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-08-06
Do we have a treat for you this week! This addition to the Get To Know you series features our one and only Chat mum, the UK Chat Admin TeaTimeWolf.

Get to Know Caitlin

Posted by Firewolf on 2019-07-02
The second in a series of interviews with various staff and members that work on our Discord server

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